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Some Suggestions Meaning of love gifts that you may know:

To send to him / her the most sincere love affection, in addition to emotional expression, let the gifts say his heart for the person!

1. Forbearance: Want me to belong to you

Previously, in the ancient Egyptian concept, the ring was a connection of the supernatural, the circle with no end symbolizes immortality in love. Later, this concept is considered as the evidence that ties the hearts of two people who love each other forever.

2. Internal: Add salty taste to the bedroom

Offering underwear to a woman means that the guy wants to look for the charm of the half when they are together, want her to “damage” to warm the bedroom.

3. Diary: There is no secret between us

Diary is considered a hiding place for the secret of happy memories, sad, angry of you and me. Therefore, when the grasp of this material is sure between you and your lover is no longer secret.

4. Pillow: I want to cover for you

The pillow is considered a spiritual gift that shows the ingenuity, interest, want to strokes, protect the good sleep of the person, especially need the stressful time, tired after school hours, do the hustle in today’s modern life.

5. Cigarettes: I do not like you (I do not care for your health)

6. Handkerchief: Forget you!

Handkerchief represents farewell

And especially, if you love someone or do not want to leave them, never give them a cup. Because these gifts symbolize the separation, separation … only suitable to send off somebody.

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Showing all 42 results