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Meaningful message from the gift of love

Whenever you receive a gift or give a gift to another person, do you understand the meaning of it?

Any gift, whether physical or mental, has its own meaning, and the meaning behind the gift makes the recipient happy. When giving gifts to a boyfriend, a girlfriend is a chance for you to express your heart but will surprise the recipient when you include the message of the gift that you want to give.

Before giving a gift you need to find out what personality, hobbies, habits … And to express all the things you want to send first you need to understand the message, meaning from the gifts, to Your gift becomes invaluable, sometimes a commemorative inscription on the lifetime of the gifted person. Although it is only a birthday gift for girlfriend simple, gentle as flower bouquet, cute pillow, hand made card, bracelet, … enough to get the soul warmed and filled with joy. happy.

1. Lipstick: I want to kiss you

Perhaps for most girlfriends, lipstick is a gift that they like because it contains a glamorous charm. The lipstick is meant to imply that he is waiting for a kiss from you.

2. Perfume: I always miss your scent

As we know, thanks to the passionate aroma that is so irresistible that perfume is tilted “e” in the mystery full of charm. So, once he gives you perfume, he wants to be intimate, romantic and always want to be with you all the time.

In addition, on the gift of love you can see the message of distinctive meaning:

– Scarf: You are my brother and I do not want to lose you

– Logbook: There is no secret between us

– Lighter: You are my first love

– Handkerchief: Forget me!

– Photo of “him”: Remember him (you) forever

– Lipstick: I want a kiss

– Photo Frame: Your love and mine are eternal.

– Keychain: You have been “grabbed” then!

– Photo album: For our memories

– Candy: Sweet love

– Pen: Wish you luck

– Watches: Let me be a part of your life

– Tobacco: I do not like you

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Showing all 38 results