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Tips for Halloween costumes for the night 31/10

Halloween – 31/10 is approaching, do you have any idea about costume to make a strong impression in this festival yet? A cute cartoon character like a princess, a prince or a scary ghost character to scare people? Take a look at some of the suggestions below and choose a character, costume, accessories, unique makeup to help you stand out in this year’s Halloween costume festival.

Make-up in the style of Japanese Geisha combined with a black dress will help you become more mysterious, more attractive Halloween night.

Witches are always loved by young people and choose to wear Halloween costumes. With this option you can make makeup or not according to your preferences, a black hat and cape and a flying broom that you have become the evil witch that often appears in ancient tales. or a beautiful, mysterious Sorceress like Hermione in the famous Harry Potter film.

Zombi – The living dead. With this type of character, you do not have to be too fussy about costumes. Only with garbage, crumpled clothes, a bit of red makeup and makeup can you scare many people on Halloween night.

Mummy: A large cloth (or versatile paper) wrapped around you that you can defy everyone in this ghost festival.

At present, there are many ready-to-wear apparels with unique and impressive patterns for the Halloween night, such as this one. Buy and “stir” with friends only.

Simplicity, you can use the right clothing and add some accessories such as claw, rope belt, cat ears, mask scary … is enough “quality” go out to play

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Showing 1–48 of 59 results