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Mickey was created to replace the lucky rabbit Oswald (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit), an animated star created earlier by the Disney studio under the orders of Universal Studios Charles Mintz. In fact, Mickey was pretty much like Oswald at first.

When Disney offered higher remuneration for the Oswald bunnies, Mintz announced that he hired the Disney team, which could continue to get paid if agreed. Mintz owns the character Oswald and believes he is in the grip.

Disney angrily refused to continue working and returned to California to complete the final Oswald contract under the Mintz contract. Disney was disappointed by his colleagues not cooperating with him, however, he was determined to start over.

The Disney studio began again with animation artist Ub Iwerks and Les Clark, a real-life actor. A lesson Disney gained from this incident was to keep all the rights with every creature he created.

In the spring of 1928, Disney proposed Ub Iwerks to start building ideas for a new cartoon character. Iwerks tried with characters like frogs, dogs, and cats but Disney was not satisfied.

A dairy cow was drawn but the horse was rejected. These two animals later became cartoon characters like Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horse. Finally, Ub Iwerks got the idea from an old painting from 1925 by artist Hugh Harman.

There are some sketches of a mouse around a picture of Walt Disney. They attracted the inspiration of Ub Iwerks to create a new cartoon character named Mickey Mouse.

“We feel the public, especially children like small and funny animals. I think, more than that, we must be grateful to Charlie Chaplin. We want to create something lovely, and then think a little mouse might be a reminder of Chaplin – a little friend trying his best to what he could. “

“When people laugh at Mickey Mouse it’s because it’s very similar and it’s the secret of Mickey Mouse’s popularity.”

“I just hope that we don’t ignore one thing – that’s all the great success starting with a little mouse.” – Walt Disney.

Mickey and Minnie shirts

Particularly for the MINNIE mouse according to the information found:

We can say, Minnie Mouse is an animated character created by Walt Disney Film Studio.

And Minnie is an intimate way to call the mouse’s official name Minerva.

Minnie Mouse first appeared in 1928 in the movie Steamship Willie, one of the first dubbed cartoons, considered to be the launch of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, although both characters were exported.

Currently several months earlier in a test screen of Plane Crazy and since 1942 in the “The Gleam” comic series.

And Minnie is the daughter of Marcus Mouse, grandson of Marshall and Matilda Mice.

The most famous Minnie Mouse’s relative is the Mortimer Mouse and his two twins Millie and Melody. Minnie has two close friends, Daisy Duck, and Clarabelle Cow.

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