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Give to the other half the gifts on special occasions is a beautiful and meaningful in love. But, not all things can be handed over!

When giving gifts to the person we love, we always want to bring the best. However, there are gifts couples should not give each other, because according to feng shui, it is hidden, not good for the relationship between two people. Although this has not been scientifically justified, but based on what has happened in practice, it is quite convincing and makes people really concerned.

1. Wrist watch
2. Red roses
3. Handkerchiefs
4. Cup
5. Shoes
6. pair shirts

However, with the gift of t-shirts for couples is always a good choice and is loved by many people, we think “matching couple shirts” will be the meaningful shirt that you can spend. donate to the person you love.

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Showing 1–36 of 135 results