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If you are looking for Couples Halloween T Shirts, Halloween T-shirts, Nightmare before christmas Shirts… , you have come to the right place. Let us know more about this festival to connect more

Meaning of the Halloween festival

Incorporated with the Irish legend of Jack, a young man died, but the soul was not allowed to enter Heaven because he was a greedy, stingy man, often hiding money. Silver, stingy do not give anyone a little something.

But he could not go to hell either because he was playing with the devil while he was alive, so the demon could not catch him.

1. The meaning of education

Jack’s life and his actions have become a lesson for young people to draw a human lesson:

Live should not be greedy, dull, stingy

Must have compassion, compassion, know how to help the hard

Do not play with the devil. Playing with the devil will be tempted to go into darkness and sin.

For European and American societies, Halloween has become the annual fun festival for children and adults. Few interested in understanding its human meaning.

2. The meaning of humanity

If you dig deeper, you will probably find duplicity in the story. Let’s ask the question: Why in the light of science and technology, which European countries, the United States still spend a festival for people of the “realms” that represented Jack?

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