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How to confess to the best girlfriend & romance

I am not romantic to be able to make poetry for you, I am not skilled to be able to draw pictures for you, he is not rich to be able to buy the whole garden to give you …

But I’m generous enough to give you my heart, brave enough to be able to protect you all my life, faithful enough to love you alone in my life …

Take my heart, let me be your bodyguard for life and let …I love you, me!

Without you, the day would be sad and the night would seem endless.

That is you – my lovely lover. Please love me! To wake up every morning as the room grows wider, the sky through the window, as well as the higher and the wind like to sing a gentle melody makes your heart fresh.

His life is a long dream. It passed very quietly and calmly. He was lost in the dream like never wake up.

But then on a beautiful day, I woke up that dream because a girl came to wake up his sleeping love heart …

That girl is … That’s me!
I miss you so much you know? Remember the warm little hands, your smart eyes full of chatter … … all have become an important part of his life, darling.

Do you ever want to ask me how I’ve loved you ever since? You sure you can not believe it?

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Showing all 34 results