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1. For boys, the phrase “do you love me?” Repeatedly means “I’m tired of you?”

2. All the boys in this world know jealousy, just show it or not.

3. When in love, there is no “normal” or “twin brother” in the boy’s eyes.

4. Each player’s preference for girls – games – football will vary, however, despite the fact that the hated son is interrupted when he is playing games or watching football. Whether you are a fiancé or a collapse, it’s the same.

5. Daughter is not foolish to mention another son in front of his lover, especially with the look of admiration. Boys are uncomfortable hearing those words from their girls. Especially not to compare him to anyone else, if you do not want to conflict and the cold war occurs. Son of high self-esteem.

6. Your son is ready to cook with you, but it’s better for your daughter to know how to cook.

Every guy has a girl you can not touch, that girl has a name: first love.

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Showing 1–48 of 63 results