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King and Queen Collection

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When you dress up on your king and queen collection, your feeling of being a really happy couple is as if we truly belong together as long as the king’s love for the queen is… There are many classics referring to such love. You can find out more through some movies …

Kings and queens “defy” to adultery in history

Follow the story “despite” all to infidelity famous in history …

Many people often think that love is always beautiful, respectful, loving affection. However, many cases of love to the wrong person, not the right time should be the cause of scandal adultery heaven in history …

1. King Henry VIII defected queen, “despite the grace” of the wife 24 years

Henry VIII was the second king of the Tudor family to rule England in the sixteenth century. This is also the most famous king in the history of the Royal Kingdom of England because he not only brought wealth to England but also shocked by the story of adultery Anne Boleyn.

Their love story began in 1525 when Henry VIII spent 24 years with Catherine. At first, the king fell in love with Anne Boleyn to the promise of her: “From now on, my heart will always be with her and forever alone.”

In the face of these sweet words, Anne Boleyn has taken heart and pushed the relationship to a new height. In contrast, the king neglected and alienated her incumbent queen Catherine in loneliness.

Not only that, because of the love for Anne, King Henry VIII has disposed of Queen Catherine, her lovelorn lover as the new queen. Anne Boleyn took a long way to become the top woman in England, living in the ultimate luxury with more than 250 private servants.

However, this story ends up being extremely tedious. After some time together, Henry VIII began to doubt his queen’s adultery. How angry, exasperated, this king poured all over her head Anne Boleyn. Later, the death sentence for country model Anne Boleyn was enforced, ending the strange love story and many mysteries between the two characters.

2. “Despite” the condemned, Queen Marie Antoinette still “horned” King Louis XVI

Marie Antoinette is no stranger name when referring to France. The beautiful queen, but wasted money as water has become a symbol of feudalism here. The stories, the scandals associated with this woman always have a very special charm.

In May 1770, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI married in a lavish feast. But within seven years, the marriage was unhappy. The cause is the inability of the emperor of France. Marie Antoinette herself admits that.

In a letter to his mother Maria Theresa, the French queen showed her disappointment about her husband. Consequently, in 1774, she began to “plug her horn” when she came back with the aristocratic Swedish gentleman Hans Axel von Fersen.

Meet each other in January 1774 in a football match, Marie was fascinated by Fersen at first sight. Soon, the two became mistresses, Marie frequently invited Fersen to Petit Trianon, the home of Louis XVI dedicated to her in Versailles worth up to $ 6 million (about $ 120 billion at current rates). They exchanged love letters and even painted the interior of Petit Trianon.

But King Louis XVI did not know. He even insisted that his wife was “disloyal”, claiming that Marie had done a good job of a queen. Even when Marie was pregnant and gave birth to Louis XVI, he still believed in his wife’s faithfulness.

This affair came to an end when the French Revolution broke out. Marie Antoinette was arrested and Fersen could not save his lover. Later, while Marie was sentenced to death, Fersen stayed there for 20 years and was beaten to death in connection with the assassination of Prince Siddhartha.

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