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Binding each other in two hours “lover” or “husband” nothing is equal with a tight hold hands between two people while the other is drunk or is wrong. Drunks are easy to stumble. The wrong person needs to be forgiven and should be handled just for what is right.

7 simple things to warm up sentimental couple in the new year

A new year has begun, in addition to plans, plans for work, careers, home affairs, care and warmth of sentimental love also need attention. If you are still wondering what to do for the next couple of years, here are the suggestions you can apply:

1. “Double day” of the month

For the past year or even several months of the year, many days of the week you do not do anything obvious to your partner, which is a sign that you do not mind and invest. Time on him. Psychologists say that love is always linked, when we give more sweet things to others, we will get more.

In this new year, you apply the “Doubles Day”. Each couple should choose a day, not a wedding anniversary, nor a special day, simply a day of the month to spend time together. Your spouse can write interesting things to do together, put in a small jar. You catch the work that will be done together next month and try to do it. It takes time to prepare the two parties to arrange, so catch the next month and pillow. Things to do may be just walking together, wandering on a street near the house, going to the movies, going to a grocery store …

That day, maybe two days away from familiar life, go to the sunshine winds, peaceful village or go straight beauty of the country only for two people. These trips always bring fresh feelings for your feelings.

Or that day, it could be the day you two went to a dance class, cooking class or whatever the couple felt interesting and loved.

2. “Love Night”

What is a night? Being met, being together one night and breaking up, giving love is not giving. A psychology doctor explained about the “origin” of a one-night situation as follows: “People are increasingly in need of finding new relationships to relieve anxiety, to share, confide. A transient love does not make people heavy; on the contrary, it helps people (including men and women) to “change” the wind, feel a new, more excited. But often such emotions just sublimated at that time.

When married, strange emotions are gone, everyday worries are permanent. So let’s warm up in the New Year by seeing partners as “one night”. Get rid of worries, throw away the clutter of everyday life, throw away the anger, “love” the other half as a complete new. Enjoy every moment of happiness together and try your best at that moment, surely you will have a wonderful experience.

Try it out, you and your wife will have a very romantic new year.

3. “Love back from the beginning”

You’ve probably heard this hit song a while ago. New year, try to do so see. Remember the first date. How did you fall in love? In what circumstances? What makes you fascinated? What did you do to attract the audience? … To help warm up your love in the new year, remember the first time you meet, the first date, passionate eyes or where the first kiss. …. and you look for ways to remind them every day of the year. Just memorizing those memories has made your life happy enough

The fist, gentle kisses, a hug of concern … or other tenderness gestures always work great. But after a while they are often ignored because they are accustomed and no longer needed. Actually, as long as love needs so much gesturing, The feeling of concern will make love more tightly.

4. “Sex as never”

Men often complain that they do not meet their sex requirements for a few years, and women are more likely to fall into fatigue. You should remember that sex is the most important factor in marriage. In some way, get out of stress and think of creative things. Express his thoughts about sex with him. From there, he will understand and the two of you have the best solution to help both you and your partner feel more comfortable.

5. Saying love – the less the less

In the midst of the rush and rush of everyday life, the place of love will be shaken and you think that showing love sometimes becomes false, meaningless. But it is because of that that the need for small love signals. Like a smile, express your affection to him whenever possible, whether it is just cooking a dish that is not salty, not faded or forget to buy a gift for the anniversary, Even that gift is not your favorite.

Say more than three simple words, “I love you with your loved one every day and every time. Let those three words be available on your lips and to send them at any time. Only three words but the endless source of energy for lasting love.

Show your gratitude to your partner’s love

Do not assume that thanks is a blessing. Imagine that you are the one who receives them, how much you will feel cherished and proud. So be the one who sent him / her thank you for being so great and so lovely. Then be ready to receive the most ardent thanks. With such a thank-you it is sure that he will be extremely happy.

In life, give each other a little surprise. A gift not a special day or a meal cooked for her always touched her. This is also a way to warm love for your spouse.

Praise is also an art of communication especially love. Praise is not flattery but must be in the right place. Let your other half know how great people are and how happy you are with them. Praise for his personality and ability, absolute comparison is limited. This is also a way to warm up your love when the new year comes.

Share your love on social networks. Publicizing the sweet little things for him as well as what he does for you is the act of letting the world know how proud you are of your guy. Do not forget to record the love moments of two people and share with friends and relatives known on social networks …

7. Tolerate, tolerate and laugh more in a new year

Do not underestimate the power of laughter. Humor has a correlation with general intelligence. Comedians are usually smart, and smart people tend to be good mates because they have a good way of solving problems. So, let’s create the smiles, the little happiness around, convey your desires to others.

Accept that any relationship has ups and downs. Love, marriage will undergo certain ups and downs. When one of you changes jobs, accommodation, especially when you have children, are major turning points in life. In order to avoid engulfing yourself and others in a mental crisis, give us the time and space to sit down and share the needs and feelings of each other honestly.

Do not nag or resentment when you have to sacrifice something for your partner. Look, many famous stars have moved home, changed schools, classes for children just because their husband has a new film project. Under certain conditions, place your partner’s interests above your own needs and consider yourself as a member of the group ready to help him achieve his or her biggest goal. But still maintain a strong relationship between the two and satisfy both. Your sacrifice with an open heart will make the partner feel more grateful and loved.

Actually, the most important thing in any plan to warm up a new year’s affair is to always have fun, to keep the laughter in the family. It determines the attitude for any plan above which you intend. In the early days of this year, be happy and give the joy, smile to your mate. Surely, you and your wife will have a happy and loving New Year.

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